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Bone Fracture Treatment

Unfortunately the unexpected does happen and injuries often occur during off hours or over the weekend. Although accident injuries immediately evoke thoughts of heading to the closest hospital, the fact is most broken bones and orthopedic injuries do not require a trip to the emergency room and can be treated in a well-staffed urgent care center. For non-open fractures, joint separations and severe strains, an ice pack can be applied in transit to help control swelling and pain.

Sprains and Joint Injuries

A sprain is a stretched or torn ligament where bones are connected in a joint. Common joint sprains include the wrist, ankle and knee. A strain occurs when a muscle or tendon that connects to a bone is stretched or torn. Common strains include the back, bicep and hamstring muscles.

Wound Care

Get advanced wound care when you need it. At ERgent Care Center Jacksonville, our board certified physicians, nurses and technicians can deliver wound management to restore skin integrity and prevent complications during extended hours and weekends. Proper wound care can dramatically impact your health and reduce recovery times for managing a variety of conditions.

Been dealing with a sinus infection for a few days. Went in on Saturday morning at 10am and was seen and out within 30 minutes. Got a Rx and I seem to be on the mend. This day's experience was a very good and productive one.

— Matthew W.

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