About ERgent Care

As the nation’s healthcare system and traditional emergency room practices are struggling to keep up with the needs of our growing population, the ERgent Care Center was created by a team of Primary Care Providers in Jacksonville and Fleming Island to provide affordable alternatives by:

  • Improving the overall coordination and quality of patient care by providing a more convenient alternative to the traditional hospital emergency room.
  • Creating a better patient experience by closing the “care gap” that normally occurs for a patient between a hospital discharge and the follow up appointment with their Primary Care Provider.
  • Reducing waste in the healthcare system by diverting unnecessary Emergency Room visits and Hospital Admissions to more appropriate and cost effective means of care. 

Our ERgent Care Center represents an important piece in a larger system of patient-focused healthcare. As Primary Care Physicians become more and more accountable to the overall care of their patients, there is a greater need for facilities like the ERgent Care Center to provide patients with a high quality, cost effective alternative to the traditional Emergency Room in order to reduce wasted healthcare spending.


Extended Hours and Weekends

For patients, the ERgent Care Center provides all of the convenience and proximity of a normal Urgent Care Clinic, but has many of the more advanced procedures found in a hospital ER. You can be seen when you need to be seen, and avoid the normal headaches associated with the typical ER experience. In addition, for patients already in the system of Family Care Partners and their affiliates, your current medical records are instantly available upon your arrival and instantly updated upon your departure along with direct notification of your visit to your Primary Care Physician. The process is the true definition of coordinated care and perhaps the largest advantage made possible by the facility.

For physicians, the ERgent Care Center provides a new facility to refer patients to when they are not available for an appointment. In addition to the convenience, referring physicians can take confidence in the fact that they will receive a full update of the patient visit for their records within 48 hours either by electronic medical record transfer, fax, or hand delivery by one of the ERgent Care Staff.

I don't understand all the negative reviews. My experience yesterday was wonderful. The receptionist (Diane I believe) was very helpful. I was taken back within a relatively short time, considering there were several people ahead of me. The Dr. was very knowledgeable and his diagnosis was spot on. He gave me 2 prescriptions and I'm feeling better already.

— Pam R.

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