Medical Testing & Exams Jacksonville

ERgent Care can perform testing a variety of reasons including blood work, STD & HIV testing, strep throat testing, pregnancy tests, and drug screening. We can perform tests for personal reasons or employment purposes.



  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Disease Testing (STDs, diabetes, etc.)
  • Virus Testing (strep, mono, etc.)
  • Cholesterol Testing
  • CMP Testing (electrolyte and liver function)
  • Drug Testing
  • Allergy Testing
  • Stat Lab


In-House Stat Lab

A medical emergency is a critical or life-threatening situation, or a severe painful condition that requires a fully-equipped stat lab. Jacksonville’s ERgent Care Center features an extensive in-house laboratory that allows our board certified physicians and nurses to quickly gather information about the health of your body. Lab requests are performed on site and results are provided within minutes for a multitude of tests. Our technicians perform accurate clinical testing for the diagnosis and treatment of your urgent conditions, and all results are reviewed by our staff physician.

Every time I go there they always figure out what's wrong with my baby! I just had to take her their yesterday cause she's throwing up, has a cough & a runny nose! The doctor said she has an upper respiratory infection & they prescribed her an antibiotic! Thank you so much for all y'all have done for my baby!

— Cheyanne C.

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Visit one of our Family Care Partners Locations

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